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Karen Marron book BASS 1998


BASS 1998

BASS 1998 is a collection of flash fiction inspired by, inhabiting, and misrepresenting the 1998 installment of the Best American Short Stories anthology series. Each story is in conversation with a piece by the same title in the original BASS 1998. Yet, in its efforts to preserve the 1998 anthology, this collection bends the original stories beyond recognition, replacing them with memories and ghosts from the author’s lives in Israel, New York, and suburban America. (Gold Line Press, 2020)

"By turns tragic and hilarious, BASS 1998 captured the sadness behind our  best efforts; though all dreams eventually collapse, Karen Marron's characters will never stop dreaming.”

—Dodie Bellamy

Reviews and Links


“Letting Go” — The Bellingham Review [print]; Interview
“Appropriate” — Unbroken Journal
“The Way to Dress” — Entropy [journal defunct]
“Questions and Answers” — Queen Mob’s Teahouse
“Perahia” (Tel Aviv, 2001) — Word Riot [journal defunct]
“Ha-Kovshim” — Hobart
“The Hottest Week in the History of Europe” — Sundog Lit
“Who Is Michael Jackson?” — Blunderbuss Magazine
“Girls and Horses” — Drunken Boat
“Diamonds” — Beeswax Magazine [print]
“Crêpe-Café de Paris” — Small Spiral Notebook [journal defunct]
In The Press



Karen Marron is the author of the fiction chapbook BASS 1998 (Gold Line Press, 2020). She is a creative nonfiction editor and the production editor of The Ilanot Review, and is an alumna of Bar-Ilan University’s graduate program in creative writing. She works as a scientific editor and lives in Queens, NY. Follow her on Twitter @marronglacee


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